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It's never a easy feeling when you get a call from a loved one in jail. Hiring a quality bondsman will make the process easier. We have been writing bail bonds in the Kansas City Missouri area for 14 years and have great knowledge of the local judicial process. Give us a call now (816) 921-6900  anytime 24 hours a day. KY Bail Bonds (aka: Kevin Young Bail bonds) has
documents and payment options directly online so most of the  bail bond process can be completed discreetly from home or work.

In most situations a bail bond can be posted within an hour of their arrest. This is where KY Bail Bonds comes in and handles the situation for you and the defendant. Posting bond benefits the defendant by giving them the freedom to resume their normal activities while waiting for their upcoming court appearances.

What we can do for you

 The first step is to contact KY Bail Bonds and request our services. We will gather the basic information over the phone from you and call the jail to make sure there won’t be any problems writing the bail bond. There is a 10% to 20% charge for KY Bail Bonds to execute a bail bond. For example, if the bail bond is $500 the bail bond fee is $100, if the bail bond is $25,000 the  bail bond fee is $2500. If all the money can’t be raised quickly enough, KY Bail Bonds will finance or accept approved collateral for bond or fees.

KY Bail Bonds offers attorney referrals to each and every defendant if requested. KY Bail bonds has extensive knowledge of the court systems in the Kansas City area.

We accept cash and major credit cards only.
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